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  • Ten Unique Stages (Spanning a total of 99 Floors in case you still haven't figured it out!)
  • 18 Unlockable characters
  • 58 Monsters/Enemies
  • 62 Different Weapons/Items
  • 32 Unlockable Achievements 


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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So I've had my eye on this game since about September 2018 and now that I'm finally old enough to buy the damn thing I'll be tackling this challenge myself. I sincerely hope the game itself is difficult, the demo was a breeze and left me wondering if this genuinely is impossible or not.

I have heard that certain versions of the game are far more difficult than others, with 2.1.2 being easier than the current release of 2.1.3, but at the same time I never expected this journey to be easy, so at least my expectations aren't being let down leading up to this.

I'll most likely do a few runthroughs to get used to the game mechanics again before I bring runs onto stream. I feel like this game could use some exposure again, not because of the potential prize tagged onto the end of it but because a large amount of work went into the project and I'd hate to see it fall into the deadzone of indie games.

Wish me luck~

I want to play a version with a moderate amount of red rapid turret.

Game on then.

uhm... i was just wondering and wanted to ask you something personally. you do realize that anyone can state that they beat this game right? do you have any rule saying that we need to show proof of winning this game? if so then can we please talk? i would love to get your email so if i do ever win (if i get lucky enough) then i can send you a video link of what happened and how long it took me and other stuff like that. please respond to me at killerman2468693@gmail.com. thanks mate

your deadly skeleton pal,


Man I hate to break it to you but if you search YouTube, a Russian man beat this game back in Sept 2018 in a 9 hour long video with no cheats!!! I honestly don't believe it and I really don't have time to watch a 9 hour gameplay video so idk... maybe that's why shortly before the domain went down for the website the contest info was removed....


He actually did use a cheat, one that gives him infinite magic which he used to infinitely heal himself and thus become invincible. Not only is it clear in the video, but he also accepted this when he contacted us. The cheat was a bug that occurs when you killed yourself again and again (it is removed now) which is why he intentionally kills himself for about an hour at the start of the video, he also talks in the video in Russian that he is exploiting the cheat and that he is aware so yes, while he did beat the game, he did it knowingly through a glitch and accepts that means the run is void.

I beat 99Floors on version 2.1.2 with "the infinite magic" glitch, which worked for everyone who played the game on version 2.1.2, because after every death, if the person did not close the game and did not open it with a new one, his mana amount increased.  

I would still not use the word “cheat”, but the word “glitch”. Glitches and cheats in terms of rules in gaming communities are two different things, all large gaming communities allow the use of glitches.

But it's not that. I believe I can beat 99Floors on 2.1.2 version without "the infinite magic" glitch. However, what's the point if you need to play the game on the latest version, which is currently 2.1.3, and even if I beat 99Floors on 2.1.2 version without "the infinite magic" glitch, I won’t get any money at all. It will be nothing more than a waste of time, and I have already spent quite a lot of time on this game.  

I received an official response: «Had this submission not employed the use of the infinite magic glitch it would have been accepted as it indeed complies with all other rules». But at the same time I can not replay on 2.1.2. versions without "the infinite magic" glitch, but must beat the game on 2.1.3. versions with a different balance. As for 2.1.3. version, it is much more difficult than 2.1.2 without "the infinite magic" glitch, since starting from the 12th level red rapid turrets in 2.1.3. versions began to appear much more often.  

Perhaps version 2.1.3 is generally the most difficult version of all that were previously. Previously, in the description of the site it was written that someone reached the 88th level, and that people mostly died from falling into the pit, and not from the fact that they ended with HP. On version 2.1.3, due to these red rapid turrets HP ends very quickly.  

It is clear that this is a very difficult game, otherwise this competition would have been won long time ago. But everywhere there are its own “underwater stones” and in this case I believe that the different difficulty of the versions, as well as the condition that the game should be played on the latest version, is this "underwater stone". After all, if you wish, you can complicate any game to obstruction. I find that my skill in 99Floors is quite high. Perhaps I would be able to beat some previous versions of this game with the old balance, but 2.1.3. version I can not beat.  

Now I’m just watching the developments around this competition from the side, because I don’t think there is a person who will beat the 2.1.3 version without cheats. And now everything looks very “frozen”: a much harder version of the game was released than the previous ones, the official website of the game has not been working for a long time, no one live-streams this game anymore.  

All who previously streamed 99Floors after the release of 2.1.3. versions have thrown this case and there are no more twitch or youtube streamers who would try to beat this game. Also, I do not know any good record on 2.1.3. versions without cheats.  

I could still understand if there was a person who is seriously engaged in playing the 2.1.3. version that would have a high skill in the game and continued to make attempts to beat it. And if there is no such person and the balance 2.1.3. version discouraged to play this game from those who tried to do it earlier, what will happen next?

P.S. My English is bad, translated as I could.

(Not in order sorry) 

Please subscribe!

Here are some more of my attempts:

Note: Bit of a sound issue I'm trying to hash out so future videos won't be effected, just turn the volume up until you hear the game/my voice. Sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy!
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Cool game, I played the demo and purchased it too. I noticed the official website is gone and the contest to beat this game has been axed. Why? What happened and what do you suppose you will do when someone finally does win??

Just want to report one thing, when you collect all 28 beans, It does not unlock any achievements.

Hi Vlad,

This bug has been fixed in the latest version!

Thanks for the report!

Can someone explain me, how to use block? It says "block+1". 

Block+1 is a special ability that increases your block chance. It is automatic, when you are hit there is a chance for a block to take place, although block+1 is a low chance. Finding a shield increases your chance.

Thank you!

Letsplay byBeautiful O.B

Letsplay provided by MrRayhonda

Very cool game!  I enjoyed playing it :D 

Deleted 1 year ago

nope, not all 99floors

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I am currently giving out free keys to the official game to whoever does a letsplay. You can do a letsplay/youtube video of the demo version and I will give you a free key to the full game.

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are you still giving out free keys to the game for doing a demo version of the game? because if you are, this is my gameplay of the demo, though I can't say whether or not it's that good. also, you made your earlier comment 99 days ago! I find that kinda cool.

Hey Yonows,

Unfortunately I stopped giving out free keys a while ago. Great game play video, though!